American Touches

First solo CD by Célia Oneto Bensaid – 2018 – Sigh Editions.
Dedicated to the American repertoire (Gershwin, Bernst
ein)orchestral transcriptions of Celia

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Chamber Music

First monographic CD by Camille Pépin – 2019 – NoMadMusic
Starring Léo Margue (direction), Polygons, Fiona McGown (mezzo-sporano), Raphael Moreau (violin), Léa Hennino (viola), Annaelle Tourret (harp), Thibault Lepri (percussion).

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The Walker of Lovers

All year round the abbey of Royaumont in partnership with the Musée d’Orsay welcomes young duos who, alongside undisputed masters of lied and melody (Véronique Gens etc.), forge their musical complicity. Thanks to this fruitful alliance between two friendly institutions, beautiful combinations of music and visual arts are played out. B Records invites you, by inaugurating this new collection, to capture the friendship between spirits, geniuses, and the arts, with a first disc that will lead you blithely from Schumann to Ravel, from the most languorous German romanticism to French poetry the more pungent.

Marie-Laure Garnier soprano

Célia Oneto-Bensaid piano

Marielou Jacquard mezzo-soprano

Kunal Lahiry piano

Jean-Christophe Lanièce bariton

Romain Louveau piano

Alex Rosen bass

Micha-Biel piano

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