Listen to the recital captured by the microphones of France Musique 100% Philip Glass at the prestigious festival of La Roque d'Anthéron!

(Bis: Ligeti / Joplin /Pépin / Mozart)

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Celia becomes the first winner in the "Classical Music" category of the K2 trophy. Article to find here

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The next events

March 3-5

Recording of Marie Jael's "18 pieces based on a reading of Dante" for the new label Presence Composers in partnership with Yamaha

March 4 – Culturebox

Tv Show on Culturebox dedicated to artists. Song with Marie-Laure Garnier. 

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March 6 France Music

Solo and duet with Marie-Laure Garnier in the show "Generation France Musique, the live" presented by Clément Rochefort

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March 21 – 3 p.m.

Dunkerke "Sundays of Urban Arts" with Fiona McGown

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March 24-26 – Langres

"Cinderella, with my sister" – Prokofiev / Grimm with actress Olivia Dalric – directed by Alexandre Ethève – MAB Collective

March 27 – Bordeaux Opera House

Capture of a Gershwin / Glass recital produced by The Spirit of the Piano Festival

Broadcast of Célia's Glass recital at the very famous festival "La Roque d'Anthéron" on the French Radio France Musique!

(Encores: Ligeti / Joplin / Pépin /Mozart)

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A look back at the summer 2020 festivals

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